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A common area that a lot of people neglect to provide routine maintenance to is the battery in their vehicle. Not only is the battery a crucial component to the entire vehicle's operability and flow of electricity, but it doesn't last forever and periodically needs to be jumped or replaced completely. At Transitowne Hyundai, we encourage drivers from Williamsville to actively be aware of the status of their battery to ensure they never get stuck in a negatively charged situation.


What You Need To Know About Car Batteries

  • A good battery can last for over five years. When maintained correctly, an adequate battery can last upwards of five years, most of the time even longer. When a battery is over-charged, under-charged, or not properly charged is when the battery's life starts to become compromised.

  • Batteries naturally discharge. When you don't drive your car for long periods of the time, your battery will actually begin to discharge. Conversely, if you regularly drive your car for long outings, you can potentially double the life of your car battery. Something to keep in mind if your trying to start up an old vehicle that won't turn.

  • Dead batteries must be recycled. Because car batteries contain lead dioxide and sulphuric acid, it is pertinent that old car batteries be recycled properly as they are dangerous to the environment and to your health. If you're in the Williamsville area, contact us at Transitowne Hyundai to find out where the closest battery recycling center is to you.

  • Warning signs that you might need a new battery. There are a few symptoms that indicate your battery might need replacing soon, including a slow engine crank, check engine light, low battery fluid, battery swelling, battery leak or old age. Ensure proper battery maintenance and inspect your battery the next time you pop open the hood.

To learn more, please give us a call or feel free to schedule an appointment to have your car inspected and serviced. At Transitowne Hyundai, we're happy to get you charged up and back on the road as quickly as possible!


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