Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions for us here at Transitowne Hyundai? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions to get answers

At our Williamsville, NY Hyundai dealership, we value transparency above all else. We firmly believe that the best customer is an informed customer, and we didn't earn the loyalty and repeat business of drivers from Buffalo to West Seneca by giving them the run-around when it comes to answering their questions. In fact, we take a lot of pride in being open and up-front with information, which is why we've taken the liberty of preparing a list of frequently asked questions we field here at our Williamsville, NY Hyundai dealership so that you can do your due diligence and see how we can serve you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Hyundai cars reliable?

    You bet they are! Hyundai cars have always been renowned for their quality and construction, making them truly reliable daily drivers. Each and every new Hyundai model comes with an exceptional 10-year / 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, which covers repair or replacement of engine, transmission, and four-wheel drive components manufactured or installed by Hyundai should they prove to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance, which provides outstanding peace of mind. And if that weren't enough to convince you of the reliability of our new Hyundai vehicles, you might be interested to learn that Hyundai cars consistently rank competitive in Kelley Blue Book 5-year cost-of-ownership studies.

  • Which Hyundai cars are all-wheel drive?

    Here in New York, all-wheel drive is practically essential, especially during the snowy winter months. Fortunately, many Hyundai cars come with the stunning HTRAC® all-wheel drive systems, providing greater confidence and control in slippery road conditions, as well as greater agility when cornering in optimal road conditions. At our Williamsville, NY Hyundai dealership, you'll find plenty of Hyundai HTRAC® all-wheel drive models like the Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Hyundai Santa Fe XL.

  • Should I lease or buy a car at Transitowne Hyundai?

    When it comes to Hyundai financing, the choice of "lease vs. buy" is one of the first big decisions most Williamsville, NY drivers have to confront. Fortunately, the choice often comes down to choosing the right fit for your lifestyle.

    For example, if you're like many drivers, you're primarily commuting around the greater Buffalo, NY area and love the feeling of driving a new car every few years. So, if you have low yearly mileage needs, a new Hyundai lease may be the best choice for you. While leasing a new Hyundai, you will be paying to drive the car rather than owning it outright., which typically affords you lower monthly payments than other financing options. In addition, you won't have to worry about maintenance costs because Hyundai lease terms typically fall under the new vehicle warranty.

    Of course, leasing a Hyundai means agreeing to a mileage limit and keeping the car in good condition with no alternations or modifications. So, if you want the freedom to drive longer distances and visit friends from Cheektowaga to Kenmore, NY and beyond, you'll want to buy your next Hyundai or finance it with a car loan. This usually means higher monthly payment rates, but you'll have no mileage limit, and you'll be free to sell your car and keep the profits of the sale if you so choose.

    Ultimately, the decision to buy or lease your next car is up to you, but we can help you make the best choice here at Transitowne Hyundai. Feel free to swing by our showroom to chat with our Hyundai financing professionals to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

  • When do I need to change my Hyundai car's oil?

    That's a tricky question. There's no set in stone answer for oil change intervals on all Hyundai cars. The one thing we can tell you is that Hyundai cars today are much more efficient than the models of yesteryear, so the old adage of changing your car's oil every three months or 3,000 miles is no longer relevant. Your best bet is to follow the instructions in your owner's manual, or better yet, consult with the certified Hyundai technicians here at our Williamsville, NY Hyundai service center to find an oil change interval that's right for your Hyundai vehicle and driving style.

  • Are Hyundai cars expensive to repair?

    Not in the least! As mentioned above, most Hyundai cars boasts a competitive long-term cost of ownership.  In fact, when you entrust your Hyundai service and maintenance to us here at Transitowne Hyundai, we think you'll be surprised by how much you can save on regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, and more when you take advantage of our service specials and coupons.

  • Are Hyundai cars safe?

    Undeniably so! Hyundai has a long history of putting driver security at the forefront of its designs. Many new Hyundai cars come with smart safety technologies like Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane  Departure Warning, and much more to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind on the road. In fact, a number of modern Hyundai models have even earned Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one of the premier resources for independent automotive safety research today.